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Safir. A land of what was harmony amongst the creatures of the earth and the angels above. Hirador Protector of the Sky, a Gold dragon, sat amongst these angels in the clouds far above the three continents of Safir. The two realms had engaged in the trade of gems harvested from deep below the ground. (The deep gnomes who ran these mines keep them maintained to this day.) This gem trade saw a rather lovely benefit to the inhabitants of Safir. As long as Hirador was satiated with his wealth he would allow the residents of the earth to be transported to and fro by his minions, the angels. As such, with the lack of ships to fend off creatures of the sea, the oceans grew most wild, filled with horrors only spoke of in tales from the mouths the darkest of figures. 

All was well  for quite a time. However, nesting below the mines of the deep gnomes, Visalth Champion of the Dark, a black dragon, finally grew tired of the slow trickle of treasure he managed to obtain from the Svirfneblin (deep gnomes). He hungered for more and had heard tales of Hirador and all of his wealth. "That fool deserves nothing less than to be melted in a pot. Pathetic metallic." He murmured as the dragon's mind stirred. Through careful whispers planted deep in the mines of the Svirfneblin, Visalth managed to gain followers. And followers he gained until an army awaited him upon the surface. 

A mighty bolt shot through the surface of Safir! Severing the dwavern land of Vornboldor as Visalth erupted from the surface. The impact shook the mountains, resulting in the deaths of thousands of dwarves as their mountain complexes collapsed around them. The ones which survived were swiftly ushered out by Visalth's followers. The dwarves which escaped the destruction were offered refuge in the mountains of the southern region. They accepted this gratefully as dwarves know little life above ground. 

Little is known what happened after the dwarves left, there have been rumors that the portal to the clouds has been destroyed. No chance to reunite Safir with Hirador. Other, more optimistic folk, offered ideas that the portal could be repaired once more. However, with Visalth nesting beneath the crooked tower (this tower built by dwarves served two purposes, one, to safe guard the portal to the clouds and two, to prove once and for all that dwarves should not be trusted to build structures above ground) the portal could not be re-powered until his death or abandonment of his lair.

Some say Visalth is doing what a black dragon does best, slumber in it's fetid lair surrounded by spoils of war. Other offer the idea that he is plotting a war against the clouds, a battle which would surely result in the destruction of the mortal beings residing on Safir. One thing is for sure, the economy of Safir is slipping. Slowly but surely the once beautiful land will revert to it's primitive state of beasts, war, and pain.

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